Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness means paying attention "on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally" (Jon Kabat-Zinn). This workshop is an introduction to mindfulness meditation, with the aim of helping teachers develop a personal mindfulness practice. Mindfulness has been proven by research to improve stress-related outcomes, job satisfaction, emotional regulation, and focus.

Staff Yoga Classes

This workshop is a space for teachers to build their own sustainable, authentic yoga practice. The class will be tailored to the teachers in attendance. Teachers will sweat, grow, and play together, and they will leave feeling strong, flexible, and ready for anything that comes their way. Staff yoga can be implemented weekly (recommended) or for special occasions (professional development days or teacher appreciation).

Tools for Teachers

In this professional development workshop, learn specific, standards-aligned, classroom accessible yoga poses and breathing exercises that can be used to build SEL skills and support brain-based learning. You will learn how to identify challenging times during students' days and how to shift students into a more positive frame of mind.


Teachers know they should put their own oxygen mask on first, but it can be tricky to remember that when the plane is full of 8-year olds who need to learn fractions. This workshop will give educators simple, effective tools to integrate self-care into their daily schedules. Specific topics include lunch break yoga, keeping a gratitude journal, morning routines, and what they can do to recharge in five minutes or less.


Are we missing a workshop that your teachers are burning up for? Let us know! Our offerings can nearly always evolve to meet the needs of your school.